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Lawn aeration is an important annual practice to maintain the long-term health & viability of your lawn. Late summer into fall is the optimal time to have Triad Lawn Management, your local lawn care company, perform this service before cold temperatures set in. For cool-season grasses, this is also an opportune time to overseed your lawn to help fill in bare patches and thicken up your turf.

Benefits of Professional Lawn Aeration & Overseeding Service:
Breaks Up Compacted Soil and Thatch — Soil compaction from heavy foot traffic and thatch build up prevents air, water, and nutrients from reaching the grasses’ roots.

Increases Nutrient Availability — Aeration increases nutrient availability, water penetration and soil air exchange, which improves the effectiveness of your fertilization and ongoing watering to promote a healthy turf.

Builds a Thicker Lawn — Aeration stimulates root development and growth, but cool season grasses need overseeding to help fill in bare spots and thicken up the turf, which helps crowd out weeds come spring. Specially selected grass seed also offers improved disease and drought tolerance to help your lawn withstand changing conditions.

If you want a healthy lawn you’ll love next spring, fall is the best time to begin an aeration and overseeding service with us. The size of your yard and local considerations may determine the cost of your aeration service, and Triads local lawn professionals are trained to identify these factors and provide a custom plan and accurate estimate.

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